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Monday, November 7, 2011

Steelers lose: My first 100 (or so) words

Well I guess that means the Ravens are the AFC North champions, right?

Sunday's game was billed as the game that would decide the division.

Well, it's hard to win a division in early November. It will be very difficult, but not impossible, for the Steelers to win the division.

Right now, however, the Ravens are the better team. They've beaten the Steelers twice this season, and basically have the Steelers defense figured out. They were 14 of 21 on third-down conversions and methodically marched down the field when they needed 92 yards in the final two minutes.

The 23 points the Ravens scored were the most allowed by the Steelers defense since the 35 the Ravens scored in the opener.

The Steelers don't usually lose twice to a division opponent in the same season. The last time it happened was 2009 when they lost to the Bengals twice. In 2006, they lost to the Ravens twice. What do those two seasons have in common? The Steelers didn't make the playoffs either year.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Ravens-Steelers preview

How to beat the Ravens

Last week at this time, it seemed we were all scratching our head trying to figure out how the Steelers could beat the Patriots.

We were almost like fictional New Englander Will Hunting in front of a chalkboard.

Professor LeBeau solved the problem by frequently using six defensive backs and covering each receiver man-to-man.

No such mathematical formula will be needed this week.

Steelers, you know how to beat the Ravens. Just go out and do it.